Anna Sang Park


Appa Appa Appa (Writer/Director/Producer)

Appa Appa Appa (Writer/Director/Producer)

Appa Appa Appa (Writer/Director/Producer)

Appa Appa Appa 

Struggling to raise his children after his wife's death, Mr. Cho, a Korean immigrant, works two jobs back to back. With barely enough money to feed his family, his problems deepen when his wife's gambling debt returns to haunt him.

Written & Directed by Anna Sang Park 

Phil Nee- Mr. Cho

Zoe Manarel - Myung-Ah

Jaden Tran - Insu

Yoon Kil Shin - Mr. Kang 

Felice Choi - Mrs. Oh

Appa Appa Appa is part of the Cho family trilogy films.

Link:  Mrs. Cho

"I am interested in examining Korean-American communities as well as countless immigrant communities grappling with unresolved feelings of displacement, anger, lost identity, and transgenerational and intergenerational trauma. Intergenerational or transgenerational trauma occurs when human beings cannot overcome what has been traumatically overwhelming, unbearable, and unthinkable. And very often, the processing moves to the next generation to reprocess." - Anna Sang Park